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The third quarter 2013 data is in, and the RARE Campaign participants have now helped prevent 7,030 readmissions since 2011 and allowed patients in Minnesota to spend 28,120 nights of sleep in their own beds instead of in the hospital. Although the campaign has surpassed its 2013 goal, we continue our work to achieve a 20 percent decrease in readmissions and to maintain our noteworthy gains.

In addition to continuing to support participants in this work, we look forward to identifying other areas where this statewide, collaborative approach can make meaningful improvements to improving the health of Minnesotans. Thank you to everyone involved in the campaign for your contributions to this remarkable success!


The challenges of a fragmented care delivery system require a statewide, concerted effort to achieve the Triple Aim of improving population health, the experience of care, and the affordability of care.

senior man  6,000 avoidable hospital readmissions
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RARE report

RARE Report
April 2014

News, insights and tools to help you prevent avoidable readmissions. Top stories:

  • RARE Campaign Featured in The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety
  • Upcoming Events and News
  • Pharmacy Pilot at Regions Hospital Aims to Improve Patient Care, Reduce Readmissions
  • RARE’s Collaborative Improvements Benefit Good Samaritan Home Care Patients

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Webinar: Winona Health Community Care Network Program - April 30

In this challenging time of health care reform, we need innovative and collaborative strategies to meet the health care needs of our communities. Winona Health has developed the Community Care Network, a community-based program that targets individuals with chronic health conditions who are at high risk for frequent emergency room visits and hospital readmissions. The program also provides a health coach in the home through a collaboration with Winona State University.

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Webinar: A Perfect Partnership: Ensuring a Safe Patient Transition With a Post-Discharge Firefighter Visit - May 20

Transition support occurs in that critical time after hospital discharge. How do you follow up quickly with patients to make sure they are doing well and will continue to do so? In this program we will learn about a joint effort between the St. Louis Park Fire Department and Park Nicollet Health Services, who are collaborating to help people make this
transition from hospital to home safely and prevent further problems and avoidable readmissions.

Register by May 15. More >

Don't Miss the Final Action Learning Day and Celebration - June 17

Save the date for the final RARE Action Day on June 17 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Plymouth. The event will include remarks by Eric Coleman, MD, MPH, professor of medicine and director of the Care Transitions Program at the University of Colorado.

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RARE Campaign Wins Prestigious Eisenberg Award

Congratulations to all hospitals and Community Partners participating in the RARE Campaign. Read release

The RARE Campaign is engaging hospitals and care providers across the continuum of care to prevent 4,000 avoidable hospital readmissions across Minnesota by December 31, 2012. Doing so will alleviate the burden these readmissions place on patients and their families and will allow them the comfort and well being of staying in their own beds.
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