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RARE - Reducing Avoidable Readmissions Effectively

Hospitals - Join the Campaign

The RARE Operating Partners invited all Minnesota hospitals to participate in the RARE Campaign. At the start of 2012, 77 had joined the campaign. Others are still welcome to join. Participating hospitals commit to meet aggressive but realistic goals, and to partner with their local care delivery organizations to achieve them.

Participants in the campaign include hospital-led teams of interdisciplinary representatives from the hospital, associated clinics, home health agencies, nursing homes and other key stakeholders. All of the teams share a commitment to participate and a willingness to devote staff and resources to RARE efforts.

The success of this campaign for hospitals and individual care providers depends on the mutual commitment and collaborative efforts of both the campaign Operating Partners and the participating organizations.

Hospital Participation Requirements

While there is no fee to participate, organizations must commit resources and staff to the initiative.

  1. Reduce overall readmissions as measured by the Minnesota Hospital Association by 20% over 2009 baseline data between July 1, 2011 and December 31, 2012.
  2. Conduct an organizational assessment of the hospital's readmissions. Tools are provided by the RARE Operating Partners.
  3. Share organizational assessment results and readmissions data with the RARE Operating Partners.
  4. Commit to improving performance in key areas identified through the organizational assessment.
  5. Agree to publicly disclose participation in the campaign.

Helping Hospitals Succeed

ICSI, MHA and Stratis Health are supporting Minnesota hospitals and their community partners to achieve the Triple Aim goals during the 18-month RARE Campaign. Participating hospitals receive support to implement the interventions most likely to accelerate their work and achieve success.

Participant benefits. Participants receive a variety of services and resources from the campaign, including:

  1. Opportunities for networking and collaboration with other community teams and access to educational resources to assist communities in planning and implementation.
  2. Technical assistance as you develop an action plan for reducing avoidable readmissions, along with process measures to support achievement of the Triple Aim target.
  3. RARE Resource Consultant to serve as your lead contact person and to provide ready access to program resources.
  4. A strong commitment to leverage opportunities to advance the project through partners and stakeholders, and to promote the accomplishments and learnings of participant communities.
  5. Organizational assessment assistance.
  6. Quarterly PPR data as progress reports.
  7. Ongoing email updates to participating communities as new resources and tools become available.
  8. Opportunities for learning collaboratives, innovative experiences and experts in the field to promote cutting-edge learning and improvements.
  9. Communication materials for internal and public promotions.

Benefits, Expectations, and Commitments (3-page PDF)

Sign On Now!

RARE Organizational Commitment Form (1-page Word doc)

Not Ready to Start Immediately?

Hospitals that are most ready to focus on one or more of the five areas will begin in September 2011. Hospitals less ready at the onset can join the campaign over time.

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RARE is a campaign lead by the Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement, the Minnesota Hospital Association, and Stratis Health, which represents Lake Superior Quality Innovation Network in Minnesota.