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RARE - Reducing Avoidable Readmissions Effectively

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A broad and expanding base of Community Partners that includes providers, health plans, state health agencies, home health agencies, nursing homes, patient advocacy groups and other community groups is endorsing and actively supporting the RARE Campaign.

The partner groups are supporting the campaign because avoidable readmissions are the result of a fragmented health care system. By having a broad-based, concerted effort to coordinate patient care after discharge across the continuum of care, we can more quickly help 4,000 patients enjoy peaceful sleep in their own beds instead of unnecessarily in the hospital.

The roles of a Community Partner are to:

  • Encourage broad participation of their members/constituents to help reduce avoidable hospital readmissions in the region
  • Agree to be listed publicly as a Community Partner in support of the campaign
  • Provide input and support to topics related to avoidable readmissions that align with the mission of their organization as appropriate

Community Partners Involvement in the RARE Campaign. Learn how the various types of Community Partners can help prevent avoidable readmissions.

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Sign On Now!

If you would like to become a Community Partner, we ask that you send a letter of support. You can use this customized template or simply write whatever you wish to indicate your support. Please provide the name and email of the person who should receive updates. Please fax the letter and contacts to (952) 858-9675, or scan and email.

As a Community Partner, your organization will be listed as supporting the RARE Campaign. We will provide ongoing communications on the campaign so you can share it with your constituents.

Thank you so much for your interest. With your support, we can help our citizens enjoy 16,000 more nights of sleep in their own beds. We can all sleep better, too.

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RARE is a campaign lead by the Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement, the Minnesota Hospital Association, and Stratis Health, which represents Lake Superior Quality Innovation Network in Minnesota.