Rare Readmissions is an educational resource and health-focused organization that wants to help reduce unnecessary hospital readmissions. 

While it’s understandable that patients panic and want to return to a hospital to get the best care, the facts show that most readmissions could be prevented with better follow up care, more health education, and more in the way of healthcare reform. 

Many people don’t realize that when a patient returns to a hospital prematurely, they put themselves at risk of further contagions, while also providing more work for nurses and doctors who already have a full schedule, and must now push appointments back further down the line. This creates months of waiting for all patients, which is no help to anyone. 

We like to ask questions like…what if we could reduce readmissions by: 

  • Providing more comprehensive discharge planning
  • Providing patients with better and more explicit healthcare guides
  • Teaching better medication management skills
  • Better train nurses and doctors to anticipate followup questions and problems
  • Providing help for family engagement in the recovery process
  • Transition communication
  • Help support healthcare reform so that all patients can get the best care – and not have to be readmitted because of someone’s mistake?

Rare Readmissions is not just pro-medical staff or pro-patient in perspective. We want to help both sides and understand the patient’s point of view. Nobody wants to go back to see a doctor or nurse because it’s a stressful experience – and risky, given the modern risk of contagions.

But patients often have to be readmitted mainly because they did not receive proper follow up care, or were not given advice on how to address their recovery process. This puts more responsibility on healthcare education and providing clear instruction on what to do next and why.

Patients would love to avoid readmission if possible and recover in the privacy of their own beds. Our organization seeks to help improve the healthcare experience to do just that. 

If our educational articles and guides can help hospitals and patients to better understand medical communication, then we can work together to prevent unnecessary readmissions that complicate everyone’s life. 

Tom Slate, Founder

Tom Slate is a travel nurse and the founder of Rare Readmissions. After earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree from Colorado Technical University, he began traveling back and forth to Europe and the United States, learning new skill sets, studying vaccinology, and tropical medicine. He continues to work as a travel nurse, and wants to expand Rare Readmissions worldwide to help the profession. 

Aimee Wren, Editor

Aimee Wren is a retired ENT doctor, who graduated at Shands Teaching Hospital, University of Florida Surgery. She has shown a passion for medicine for over 40 years and continues consulting and writing freelance articles promoting health and wellness. 

Christopher Michaels

Christopher Michaels is a part-time radiology nurse who studied at the Royal College of Nursing in London before moving to Wisconsin. He also freelances for major publications such as Healthline and the Mayo Clinic.

Mya Bellinger

Mya Bellinger is a home health nurse who studied at Georgia Piedmont College, and who has also worked as an Licensed Practical Nurse in Thomasville, providing care to patients and helping them with outpatient guides.